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  • Living Green Has Never Been Easier: Here's 5 Ways You Can!

Living Green Has Never Been Easier: Here's 5 Ways You Can!

Living Green Has Never Been Easier: Here's 5 Ways You Can!

Living green and sustainable is commonly mistaken for being difficult and expensive. But guess what? It isn’t at all! All of us, in our own way whether big or small, can help save the environment and benefit from it.

Here are five practices to help you get started on how to integrate eco-practices in your everyday life:

  1. Tranquillity is the key: The passage to a sustainable life begins with you. De-stress and find an inner balance. Begin with a stimulating yoga session to introduce a sense of calmness in your life. Oust the stress of your everyday life with wellness programs or simply a spa treatment to help yourself feel rejuvenated and refreshed.
  2. Tether with Nature: You might not necessarily have green fingers, but that is most often a route to green-living. Introduce yourself to organic gardening. If that sounds like too much of a dedication, take a small step towards it. Build your own terrarium! It’s a low maintenance approach to the world of gardening as terrariums are self-sustaining, decorative and miniature gardens. Here's a list of terrarium makers that we came across to get you started.
  3. Eat green and healthy: We more often than not, turn a blind eye to what we eat. But if you are what you eat, then the key to staying healthy is eating healthy. Explore recipes and cooking demos that will help you get nutrients that you need in tastier ways. There are plenty of resources online to DIY your own dose of wholesome foods.
  4. Make your home smarter: Utilizing technology to its best is one of making your ideal sustainable life a reality. LED bulbs, rechargeable batteries and energy-saving appliances may seem like small changes but they add up to a big difference in the long run. Brands like IKEA, furnish for sustainable homes and manifest eco-friendly solutions for your home.
  5. Au Naturel does it: Your natural self is as beautiful as you can get! It’s not about giving up on make-up, but more on the lines of choosing your make-up carefully. There are numerous options under cruelty-free make-up that are more beneficial for you while being eco-chic. Look into brands that practice green beauty or better yet, make your own home-made beauty products!


Eating Green and Healthy