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  • MEET: An Enlightening Experience with Malvina Kang
  • Post author
    Nurul Shazlynn

MEET: An Enlightening Experience with Malvina Kang

MEET: An Enlightening Experience with Malvina Kang

In lieu of our collaboration with Hom Yoga, we sat down with the owner and founder of the upscale yoga studio, Ms. Malvina Kang.

Malvina was a vision of zen and grace as she stepped in to meet with us at her yoga studio in Orchard Central. With impeccable style down on pat and charm in her eyes, we were entranced by the recount of her journey to success. Read on to find out more about her road to achieving mindfulness.

Can you describe your journey with yoga, and how it has changed you as a person?

My yoga journey started when I was a 12-year-old girl. I was suffering from anxiety, and my father brought me to a yoga teacher who taught me savasana. I was lying on my back, and her energy and gentle voice brought me to a deep state of meditation - something I’ve never experienced before.

As a young adult, I explored all different styles of yoga such as Bikram and Vinyasa. As my immersion with yoga continues until today, becoming a mother allowed me to tap into my divine feminine, and I continued to study mindful birth, prenatal/postnatal yoga, children’s yoga and energy healing. For me, yoga is in everything we do.

What inspired you to start Hom Yoga?

I feel my answer changes all the time depending on the space I’m in when answering this! I feel the inspiration to create is always within me, and Hom Yoga was a natural progression of the urge within me of wanting to truly create a space where I am personally inspired to go to. I imagined a space where one feels comfortable, inspired, joyful, with a strong intention to seek, grow and transform as a practitioner.

I was looking for spaces in Singapore - with no clear business plan, and no real, legitimate finances at the time to justify me looking for locations. But I went with how I felt in that moment, and the Raffles studio materialised in front of me. When I saw the space, there were no questions, and somehow the universe gave me everything I needed to get it all together.

I’ve never had the intention to own many studios, but we grew organically as our students created a strong and loyal community around us. That was the seed, and we have owned several studios in Sydney and Singapore since.

Malvina Kang in Hom Yoga Studio

Malvina in TENCEL® Relaxed Tank

Tell us more about your yoga studios.

My yoga studios have been through several metamorphosis, and experienced some beautiful highs and some low lows. I think it really is a reflection of life - there are moments when you experience great happiness, and great sadness. Without one, the other can’t exist. The more I reflect here, I feel my studios are really a simple expression of myself - and I can only hope that it can continue to stay relevant and resonate with our community as I continue to evolve as a woman.

What does ‘being mindful’ mean to you?

The word mindful is an equivalent to me to the word yoga. I like the word yoga better, as I feel that it has an accessibility to it that everyone can relate to. You start with the asana practice, and you continue to practice until you reach what they call kundalini awakening, or what I like to think of as a merging of self with the universe so that you experience a sense of oneness with all beings. You are me, and I am you. It is really quite a beautiful thing to experience, and on many days, I can assure you that I feel far from it.

What are some of your favourite fashion styles?

These days, I feel my sexiest when I’m comfortable and relaxed in my skin. Especially after I have completed my yoga practice, when I look in the mirror and my skin and eyes are glowing, and my hair is shining. I tend to like super smoky eyes, but paired with clean and bare skin. In terms of clothes, I like simple and classic items - a linen white dress with beige flats, a white cotton shirt tucked into a pair of trousers. Nowadays, I live in either my tan sandals or my black gladiator sandals. I feel more comfortable, and therefore more stylish in my flats.

I always shop only natural fabrics only - a choice I naturally gravitated towards as I delved deeper into my yoga practice. It’s better for the environment, and also it feels better against my skin.

Malvina Kang wearing SOURCE Women's Tencel® tank top

How would you describe your sense of style?

When I see someone really stylish, I look beyond their clothes. It is all in the attitude and the way they carry themselves. It is the look in her eyes, and the fierceness in her walk. It is the way she loves herself that she can be completely independent of the love of another man, but it is also in the way she is vulnerable and open to love that makes her even stylish and beautiful. It is the way she goes out into the world, completely unconcerned about the judgment of others - passionately creating and living her true life’s purpose. I am so inspired by so many women who carry themselves in such a way.

How would you style a plain white t-shirt?

I love this question because I live in plain white t-shirts. Every woman needs a good classic t-shirt in their wardrobe. I love pairing mine with my wraparound linen white skirt, with a pair of tan sandals, and simple earrings. Sometimes with a smudge of red lipstick. I also like to wear them with a pair of high-waisted trousers and ballet flats. Or layered over my yoga bra and tights. It’s my go-to staple when I practice in the yoga studio. You tend to find me wearing white on white most days - I just feel happy, light and pure in white. All the amazing people who work behind the reception at Hom Yoga are always in white on white - I love it so much that I made it our dress code!

Do you have any encouraging words for beginners and first-timers of yoga?

We are all already in a state of yoga, we have just forgotten it. Everyone and anyone can do yoga. It is not about flexibility or doing crazy, advanced poses. My personal home practice is usually kept simple - sun salutations, warriors, balancing, backbends, twists and relax. Advanced asana is really a byproduct of a consistent and regular practice.

Yoga is about working with your physical body, your breath, and your energy to slowly start to transform and shift yourself, from lethargy to lightness, and from stagnation to movement. If you’re holding onto excess weight, yoga will naturally remove the excess weight from your body; if you’re needing more muscle weight, yoga will naturally add it on to you.

You don’t need to bring anything to yoga - you simply need to arrive with an open heart and an open mind. The transformation will manifest like a planted seed from that space.  

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  • Post author
    Nurul Shazlynn