How we met

How we met

Year Founded: 1974

Location: Huidong, China

Employees: 400 workers

Average Salary: RMB 2,300

Work Hours: 8 hours per day

Products: T-Shirts, Polo Tees, Athleisure

Factory Certifications: WRAP (Gold), ISO 9001

We first met Philip in his office headquartered in Mong Kok, Hong Kong late July 2016. An ever cheerful and pleasant guy, Philip took over the helm of the company more than six years ago, when he first returned back from Sydney at the young age of 30.

Once upon a time, reading music sheets and working with the best orchestras in Australia and around the world, Philip has now switched to balance sheets and now manages more than 3,000 employees in Asia.



Founded by his father back in 1974, today the company is one of the leading garment manufacturers in Hong Kong. With a total number of 3 factories spanning across China and Vietnam, the strength of the company lies in knitwear and produces for numerous global and independent designer labels such as Adidas, Kit and Ace, Jack Spade, and many more; with majority shipping to Japan and United States.

The factory that is producing our garments is located in Taiyangao, an industrial town within Huidong, China. The factory spans across 16,000 sq. meters with a skilled work force of 400 workers. Compared with other factories in the region, the work force is a small number but it was the right size to have our garments made.

We were impressed with the bright, clean factory workspace and everyone seem engaged and enthusiastic in their work. Certified by WorldWide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP), an independent non-profit team of global social compliance experts, Philip strongly believes and recognize the importance of providing safe and good working conditions to the workers.

With better working conditions, workers are happier, more efficient, performs better and thus improves productivity and create better products.